You have received your gallery from your photographer.

What are you supposed to do now?

You had a rocking session!

It went way better than you thought it would.

You actually had fun and were surprised because you thought it would be like old school picture day at school..."Say Cheese!"

You can't wait to see the pictures!

Why can't your photographer can't just air drop them to you or send them to you immediately?

Photographers take your photos in RAW format. RAW images are not yet processed and need to be edited. The beauty of RAW images, although they take up a TON of storage space, is that they can be edited by the artistic eye of your photographer. Photographers can do a MULTITUDE of things to a RAW image. We can change the color, remove those ugly trashcans in the background of your photos, enhance your best features, get rid of that zit on your chin, and literally thousands of other things!

We have software to take your RAW photos and turn them into beautiful JPEG photos for you to store on your computer. This editing, often which occurs late at night, takes a lot of time. We spend hours making sure that your gallery is consistent and professional. What we wish you would know is please please please do not slap a filter onto our images! That is almost like taking a paintbrush to an artist's canvas and changing the art!! Please leave your photos as is!

Please Let Your Photographer Know When You Have Seen the Gallery

There is nothing more disheartening than working on a gallery for hours and hours (and weeks and weeks in the case of a wedding!) and not hearing any word of a client receiving the gallery! A simple text assuring your photographer that you love the gallery would put your photographer's mind at ease. Often, photographers can be overthinkers, well, I am speaking for myself here. If you don't notify us that you are satisfied with your gallery, we tend to start thinking that you don't like it. I know, I know, we all have busy lives and many clients forget to let the photographer know that they got the photos! So, the easiest thing to do is to just shoot your photographer a text!

Please have your photographs printed at a professional lab!

You have just invested in a photo session. You have spent a few hundred dollars or more. Please do not get your photos printed at the local pharmacy or discount store.

I know. I know.

I have been guilty of waiting until the last minute to print a photo and had to run down and get it printed, only to be disappointed by the strange green cast that is all over my photos.

Sometimes it pays to spend the extra money to get an excellent product. Please consider spending a little extra money and get professional prints! One of the benefits of hiring a professional photographer is that you have access to a professional print lab. They have calibrated colors and a wide range of textured papers and sheens for your photos. You can order traditional prints or get fancy with the papers and textures! Your photographer spent a long time editing your photos and a professional print lab will ensure that the colors remain true to your photographer's style.

Please Tag Your Photographer on Your Social Media

One of the nicest things you can do is tag your photographer on social media. Photographers gain business through word of mouth. So, by your tagging us, all of your friends can see that we took your pictures. I really appreciate it when clients tag me (even in a post years after I took their photos.) Every time you tag your photographer, someone new sees it. It's free. It's so nice of you to do.

Please Write a Review for Your Photographer

Did you love your photo session? Did you post your photos all over social media? Were you able to send your holiday cards out early this year? If so, one of the best ways to show appreciation for your photographer is to write a review! Writing a review, explaining your favorite things about your session and how it was working with the photographer, helps the photographer get exposure. It only takes a few minutes. You can review your photographer on Google by googling their photography name and leaving a review.