Senior Pictures/ Senior Photos /Senior Session

Whatever you want to call it, you can have fun!

I am excited to share this epic senior session with you!

Lucas and his family arrived, ready for action. They decided to have a family session along with the senior session.

What a great idea!

Why not bring along the family to help make the senior laugh a little more?

Maybe you can get your holiday card family photo taken! Imagine having that checked off your to-do list?

And, while you are all dressed up, why not make a special evening out of it by going to dinner after your session?

Cap and gown pictures are a must!

Everyone wants to remember this special event!

On the day of graduation, you will get some cap and gown pictures, but

it's a lot of fun to get some ahead of time. Your photos won't have a lot of people in the background and will appear much cleaner. This particular location had beautiful bricks! It also had grass and stairs! It was the perfect location for a senior session to get a lot of variety!

Don't forget to get some moving pictures in the graduation cap and gown!

Movement always is a natural way to capture the moment.

Lucas was game to take a couple of moving shots!

Personality shots were next for Lucas!

He has a cool tattoo, so I wanted to highlight that!

Often, I like to process the personality shots in black and white to highlight the mood.

Lucas brought such a cool vibe to this session.

This family was so much fun!

We had a lot of laughs, which I think is a must at a session.

If you can't have fun, it will show!

I know it may sound cheesy, but I love when you can feel the love at a family session.

Believe me when I tell you that the camera doesn't lie and it can tell whether you are having fun or not!

This family definitely was here for the fun and so was I!

Thank you to the McIntosh Family!

It was a pleasure photographing you!