5 Things Not to Do Before a Photo Session!

You scheduled your professional photo session.

Now what?

You have decided to invest in a professional photographer.

Wise choice.

There are plenty of things to do before a photo session. Let's chat about what NOT to do before your session!

Don't Forget to Brush Your Teeth

Show off those pearly whites!

Please don't forget to brush your teeth before a session! The camera gets REALLY close, as seen here!
While you are at it, please floss, too! These simple little moves will make your teeth look amazing!

I really don't want to play hygienist in my editing program! So thank you for brushing!

Don't Pick at Your Face

I got you!

You are beautiful! Please do not pick at your face right before a session! Picking can cause inflammation and make the problem way worse than if you leave it alone. Part of my editing process is to remove any temporary blemishes that you may have.

Don't Forget to Wear Wrinkle-Free Clean Clothing

This may sound obvious but...

Clean, wrinkle-free clothing photographs nicely. Take the extra few minutes to steam or iron your clothes for your session. Yes, this is an extra step, but it really does make a difference.

You may also want to bring a lint roller to remove any debris from your clothing as we traipse through the grass, rocks and mountains!

Don't Panic!

Try to leave the stress at home

Your photo session may not be perfect. But, it will be you! Don't worry if your kids are acting up.
We will work around that.
Photo sessions can be stressful. Rather than being nervous, don't panic and show up, ready to have fun!
Don't panic about wardrobe! I will help you decide on a color scheme that will make you look like rockstars!

Don't Forget to Bring It!

By "IT" I mean your personality!

Don't come to the session pretending to be someone else.

Yes, we are definitely going to be making you look the best version of you, but bring your unique vibe!

Want to bring props? Bring them! Would you like to bring your dog? Go for it! Let's chat and figure out some fun stuff to do at your session! I'm open and here to discuss what you want to see! I will also give you plenty of ideas for your session!

I want to book a session!

So, the 5 Things Not to Do Before a Photo Session

Don't Forget to Brush and Floss

Don't Pick Your Face

Don't Forget to Wear Wrinkle-Free Clean Clothing

Don't Panic

Don't Forget to Bring IT

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