How To Do a Rubber Duck Session

Summer weather means heading outside for some natural light rubber ducky photos!

With the southern California heat, photo sessions become quite a challenge in July, August and September! No one wants to be sweating in their fancy clothes and miserable in the heat, especially an infant!

Also, with infants, you have a VERY small window of "smiley" time. Try staying home and having a duck session in your own backyard! Your infant can be well-rested, fed and happy! You can definitely work around his/her schedule! Check out the steps below to hold your own rubber ducky session!

Supplies for Your Rubber Duck Session

  1. Vessel for the child to sit in. Now this will vary depending on the age and size of the child. You can use galvanized tins, like this one. Make sure that it holds water and that it is tall enough so your child doesn't fall out of it! Use your imagination for a container. You could try a large ceramic plant pot and plug up the hole in the bottom. Scout around your yard and look for interesting containers to try!
  2. Towel for the bottom of the vessel. Grab either a light or dark solid color towel to place in the bottom of the container so your child doesn't slide around.
  3. Rubber ducks! The cute rubber ducks for this session were purchased through Amazon. You can see what ones I used by clicking here. The large duck was purchased here. Sailboats or floating balls would also be super cute!
  4. Camera

Tips for Shooting a Rubber Duck Session


Please make sure that you are with the child at all times! NEVER leave a child unattended around any water!

Have an extra person nearby while you are shooting to help keep the child from climbing or falling out of the vessel.

Time and Location

Look Around Your Yard for the most beautiful light

The ideal time to shoot is either morning or late afternoon. Place your child where his/her back is to the sun and let the sunlight surround him/her! Or, choose a nice simple, clean background in the shade if the sun is out really bright. Place the vessel in the location and then fill it with warm water.

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Rubber Duck Photo Session Tips

Put the child into the tub. Surround him/her with ducks and let the fun begin! (Remember to have an extra person watching the child as you shoot.) Try different angles. Get up above the child or lay on the ground. There is always a different angle you can try! Splashing pictures are always fun, too! Move in really close and take close ups of toes, smiles, eyelashes, etc... They are only little once and you want to remember those little hands and feet!

Thanks for reading my tips and tricks on a rubber duck session!

If you would like me to shoot a session for you, please contact me!