What Should We Wear for our Session?

I want YOU to be the highlight of the photo, not the clothing.

The clothing that you wear does make a difference on the outcome of your photo!

Please read the tips below for a beautiful picture!

  • Decide on 1-3 colors that your group will wear that go nicely together. For light an airy photos, you want to choose either light tones on top and bottom, or medium tones on top and bottom. An example of this is in the photo above. Their color scheme was grays, pinks and blues. These three colors work beautifully together. Having people wear different SHADES of these colors is also really attractive. When you have a group, you can definitely add another color as long as it falls in the same tone group as everyone else. Another idea is to wear tans, dark tans, light blues and a little pattern!
  • You can choose dark colors as well, but realize that it will change the mood of the photo. Navy, greens, and burgandy can also work well.

  • Choose SOLID colors that are in the same tone top and bottom. 

  • Choose colors that look good on your group! (I know this is tricky, with everyone having to wear the same color tone, but it is possible.)

  • Keep the same tone on the top and bottom. I can't tell you how often someone wears a different tone on the bottom and draws attention to their pants rather than their face!

  • Try to keep the sleeve length at short sleeve or longer. (Long sleeves really look best!)

  • Try to wear long pants or dresses and skirts. This really makes the photo look more intentional and upscale.

  • Rules are meant to be broken. If one person (or one subset of the group, say all children or all females) in the photo want to wear a patterned scarf, or a pop of color, (like mustard) that would be awesome! If everyone wants to wear the same accessory, that would work, too. Small prints on one or two people (if not competing with each other) also look cute! With young children, choose an adorable outfit for them and then work the adult wardrobe as neutrals to go with the children's outfit.

  • Please try to stay away from loud colors or large pattern in a group, unless you would like to call attention to someone.

  • Please don't forget about accessories! Hats, scarves, jackets and jewelry are all encouraged!

  • No matter what you choose, please make sure that the outfits are clean and wrinkle-free!

Brunette long hair woman outdoors headshot
blond family group photo in navy
College senior photo outdoors fence

Thank you for reading this far!

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