How To Pull Off Your Proposal Photo Session

Here are a Few Tips for Your Secret Proposal Pictures

You've been thinking about proposing for a while now.

You've been dating for years or maybe you haven't.

But you know.

You are more than ready to take this next step.

Decide on the location.

Are you adventurous? Are you more relaxed? Did you meet in a bar or restaurant? Are you two outdoor enthusiasts and want to propose at the top of a mountain?

Maybe you want to propose in a brand new location that is new to both of you so you can go there in the future. How cool would it be to have a special location (hello pretty hotel or beach) to visit on the anniversary of your proposal?

Deciding on your location is half of the battle.

Who, if anyone, do you want to include in your proposal.

Maybe your best friends introduced you and you would like them there.

Having family and friends is also an option with a party or special time after the proposal. The difficult thing about having a lot of people know, is that the word could get out and it could ruin a surprise proposal!

Maybe, you would just like it to be the two of you. Either way, decide what you want to do before the actual proposal!

Once you devise your proposal plan, decide WHO will photograph or video it.

I may be a little biased, but hiring a professional can certainly have its advantages. It takes the stress off of you. You can also have a mini photo shoot immediately following the proposal. My absolute favorite time to photograph a couple is RIGHT after a proposal. (Yes, everyone usually is teary eyed, but the pictures are so emotive and authentic!)

If you do decide to have a friend or family member photograph your special moment, I do have some tips.

Communicate with the photographer your proposal plan.

Have a definite plan for exactly where you will be standing and facing before the proposal. If possible, visit the place where the proposal will occur during the time that it will happen! If logistics make it impossible for you to not see the area beforehand, then have someone visit the location and snap a photo of the desired spot at the desired time so the photographer can evaluate the light. You need to think about the light during the time you will be proposing. (Remember, if you choose night time, flash will need to be used and could ruin the surprise.) The person photographing will want to be incognito and now visible during the proposal.

Will there be places for your photographer to hide? Will there be a lot of people in the area during the time of the proposal?

Have a back up plan

I can't stress this one enough! ALWAYS have a back up plan when proposing! If, for instance, you are at a public place and there are people right where you planned on proposing, you will need to move to plan B. This could also happen if the light is really harsh and you decide to move. Have a signal for your photographer if you will changing and going with your plan b. (I often work out a sign with the proposers before the session. It is usually something like scratching their heads or elbows etc...)

Let the session flow naturally

I always tell the proposer to let things happen naturally. You will want the proposer to give you a sign (a stretch, a face scratch, etc...) RIGHT BEFORE THE PROPOSAL. If the proposer is getting down on one knee, I do tell him'/her to hold that pose for a while so I can get a lot of shots and the reaction.

After the proposal, I usually snap away catching all of the tears and feels.

Let things flow naturally.

You will be able to tell when you should announce yourself. (People newly engaged don't really even notice their surroundings and are shocked when you pop out of the bushes with your camera!) They will be shocked and (hopefully) elated!

When they have had a few minutes to compose themselves, you can get a mini proposal session right then and there! Don't forget to get a close up of the ring! These photos are perfect for SAVE THE DATE announcements! Grab lots of hugging shots and any family or friends that have come along to witness the beautiful moment.

Thanks for reading! Let me know how your proposal goes!

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