This group of lifelong senior Spartans decided to get together and have a senior photo session.

Being a senior photographer, I have done a lot of pictures with seniors. I have never had a senior session with four football players!

When the four of them walked up, it was a little intimidating to be honest, as they towered over me. I gave the guys my usual speech about how they may feel awkward during our session, but not to worry, as feeling awkward makes the best pictures! So I got out my ladder, climbed up, and started shooting! From the get go, these seniors were enthusiastic and ready to have fun!

senior guys in letterman jackets outside hiking trail

I have found a few tricks and tips to getting genuine smiles from senior guys during a senior photo session.

Grand Canyon University college couple in purple
Guy and Girl Senior Photo pose

Invite the girlfriends!!!

Nicole and Haley were the perfect addition to our session! As luck would have it, most of this group will all be attending the same college next year!

Smiling Senior men in varsity football letterman jackets

Have the friends or the girlfriends stand beside you and make the seniors laugh!

I honestly don't have any idea what the guys were doing over to my right to make them laugh. I didn't want to look. In all seriousness, it was so much fun watching all of these friends interact with each other to capture such genuine smiles.

Bring a car to your senior session!

How cool is Haley's car? What a blast being able to try different poses with the car. And, everyone wants to remember what car they drove in high school. For me, it was a Ford station wagon and then a 10-year-old VW Rabbit! Bringing a car documents what you drove in high school!

It was such an honor getting to spend the evening with these seniors and their families!

Frank and Ramsey have known each other since Kindergarten!

You couldn't keep these boys away from sports! They played soccer, basketball and flag football!

Fast forward to high school where Frank and Ramsey met Joe and Tyler. These four guys played for the Damien High School Spartan football team for four years.

During those four years, the guys, and their families, enjoyed several vacations tubing, wake surfing, quad and razor riding at the Colorado River and Lake Nacimiento. You can find them chowing down at Korean BBQ or heading to the beach for a bonfire!

Good luck to all of you, Frank, Tyler, Joe, Ramsey, Haley and Nicole as you head off to college!