Let's Try Some Quirky and Fun Graduation Poses!

Obviously you need to have some traditional graduation poses.

After we get the traditional poses nailed, we move on to the more unique poses and expressions!

Getting Graduates to Move During a Session Helps Make the Photos More Exciting!

Today we are celebrating Gabby, who is definitely willing to try any kind of wacky poses. I had Gabby walk towards me and look either down, off to the side, or to me! I yelled out a silly direction like, "Give a kick!" or "Show me a wicked dance move!". These prompts usually elicit some giggles and some movement into your photos! Don't forget to catch them as they are walking back to their starting point. Photos from behind can elicit a lot of emotion. You can try running, hopping, skipping or slow motion dancing! Don't forget about skateboarding! That is another great way to get the seniors comfortable and into their element!

Black and White photo of a dancing senior
Girl wearing a USC blanket walking down the street
College graduate doing a high kick on the sidewalk
Junior College graduate in her cap and gown in the city
Awkward dancing girl on the street
College graduate posing like a flamingo
Close up of University of Southern Ca blanket and black shoes

After Photos Where Graduates are Moving, Try Some Still Poses!

Still poses can be quite awkward. I told Gabby to embrace her inner awkward and just go with it. I instructed Gabby to change her facial expression after she heard the shutter click. Another fun tip is to try cropping in close to all of the little details that make their graduation special. Get close ups of their tassels, medallions, shoes, diplomas, sashes, cars, etc...

I also ask myself, "Can I get this shot from another angle, too?" That is how I get my favorite photos! Take that different angle shot! Below are some examples of quirky different angle shots! Get down low, like on the ground low. Or, try shooting from up high. This is where you can talk to your senior and prompt them to try different expressions.

Traditional Senior Graduation Poses

No graduation session is complete without a few traditional shots. Below are a few from our session.

Girl crouching in her graduation sash, holding her tassel
Girl looking off into the distance with hand on hip in black and white in Upland, CA
Strong woman pose of girl in graduation cap and gown

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