Everyone was smiling as the Zaragoza family arrived for their family session and Cal Poly Pomona college graduation photos!

I am so excited that the Zaragoza family decided to come out and get their family photos taken! They were able to make so many memories and have fun while celebrating Marcus's graduation! This was the perfect time to have professional photos taken!

With the Covid quarantine over the past year, many college students found themselves sitting in front of a computer for most of their days and nights. As challenging as this was, Marcus was able to tackle the grueling accounting curriculum and graduate! With the Cal Poly Pomona campus being closed, we were able to improvise by scouting our city to find areas that would be beautiful for photos.

We checked out the grounds and found some beautiful areas to photograph this family. Mom really wanted bricks in the pictures, so we started the session near the bricks. As luck would have it, Upland, CA has plenty of historical brick buildings and we found the perfect wall.

Moving Poses for Family Photos

We decided to incorporate movement into their family photo session.

Movement, like walking, running or even dancing elicits genuine smiles and laughter during a photo session. It seems like everyone giggles and looks more natural when walking. Music is also a good idea to play to get people to relax and get their groove on!

How To Have Fun with Family Photos

The Zaragosa family was so much fun! They were game to try all of my poses and even had some ideas of their own. Of course, we did the traditional poses where everyone was looking at the camera.

But then, we tried some snuggly poses, butterfly kissy poses, and then the guys wanted to try some of their own unique poses. I think it's awesome that they brought it and let their personalities shine.

Thank you!

Thank you Zaragoza family for being the kind of family that truly enjoys each other's company!

It was so much fun to work with you!