Let's Celebrate Adriana from Upland High School!

Adriana showed up at our session with the most positive attitude, even after experiencing quarantine for the last few months! Seniors all over the world have had their final high school year cut short due to Covid 19. This young lady was not about to let that stand in her way of having her senior pictures taken!

We decided to celebrate Adriana and her four years at Upland High School! She was an avid water polo player and often would be in the water well before sun up with steam rising off of the water! Talk about dedication!

She may be tough in the pool, but she is a gentle soul!

Because she is in a swimsuit so often, Adriana decided to have some fun with a sassy floral dress which was perfect for moving across this beautiful pasture!

We decided to take a short hike to a gorgeous meadow to get some different scenery.

Shopping for graduating seniors has been quite the challenge this year! Most shopping malls and stores were closed. Many seniors had to shop in their closets to find the perfect outfits! Adriana hit gold with her outfits!

Next up was the cap and gown!

We couldn't possibly leave without snapping a family picture!

It's always so special to have the support of your family, especially huge milestones, like your high school graduation of 2020! Although there will not be a traditional ceremony, these pictures will document Adriana's graduation and will hold special memories in the future. I can only imagine the stories that these seniors will tell their own children about 2020!

Thank you to Adriana and her sweet family!

It was such a pleasure photographing your adorable family! It makes me so grateful to be able to share this milestone with you all!