Outdoor Fall Wedding in October at Pont d' Amour Affairs

Southern California has the best weather.

Well, I may be a little biased since I have lived here all of my life.

When planning a wedding in southern California, the fall is the perfect time! There usually isn't rain. The sun goes down at around 7pm (until daylight savings time starts in late October.) With the later sunset, you can have a gorgeous evening wedding with your romantic photos after the wedding to take advantage of the gorgeous golden light! The evenings in southern California in the fall are a comfortable temperature and ideal for your reception!

With this wedding, the ceremony occurred at around 3 pm and the couple photos were taken at around 5 pm. So, the light was a little bright, but still gorgeous.

Pont d' Amour Wedding Venue

Every detail shines at the Pont d' Amour venue! This venue is nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in a backyard! Beautiful signs and decor welcome you and your guests as you enter the backyard. Fountains, pools with bridges, wooden doors, and stately tables are scattered about the venue. Bree, the wedding coordinator and Nancy, the venue owner, treat every couple and wedding vendor, as if they are family.

wedding venue seating wooden
farm wedding table
wedding barn doors and table

The Getting Ready Rooms are Gorgeous!

Adorned with floral wallpaper and an adorable drink cart, this intimate getting ready room is perfect for...well...getting ready, as well as sharing a few laughs and tears before the wedding. There are mirrors, couches, and chairs for everyone to claim a space and get spruced up for the big day! There are bathrooms conveniently near each getting ready room.

floral wallpaper wedding dress
bridesmaids robes floral wallpaper
peonies roses eucalyptus pink and orange

The Ceremony Area is Surrounding a Beautiful Pool with a Bridge

The couple, while surrounded closely by their loved ones, cross over a wooden bridge to the alter. There is not a bad seat in the yard to view the wedding! Everyone can see from any vantage point! The trees provide a beautiful back drop for the ceremony.

crying groom and bride outdoors farm
wedding guests outdoors
wedding vows outdoor pont d amour affairs
bride and groom moment outside
the wedding kiss garden
bridal bouquet in the air wedding

The Couple Decided to Go to a Nearby Location for Pictures

For this particular wedding, I was the second shooter, working alongside Sal at Ambient Evenings. We snapped away as the couple celebrated that joyous feeling of just being married. It was a nice few intimate minutes, away from all of the guests, to just breathe and soak in the moment.

Outdoor wedding portrait
wedding bouquet peonies
winery bride groom walking pose
marriage kiss bride and groom
bride resting on groom
bride and groom holding hands  praying
bride groom walking away in vineyard
bride and groom toast with beer

The Reception

After we finished the couples' romantic photos, we headed back to the venue for the reception. A separate pool house hosts the dessert table, a bar, the other getting ready area and a restroom. With the glorious California fall weather, most people opt to stay outside to enjoy the scenery and energy of the reception. There is a dance floor with plenty of room for dancing outside at this venue. The Pont d" Amour Affairs venue is the perfect place for your outdoor Southern California wedding experience!

If you would like to contact Pont d' Amour Affairs, please check out their website here Pont d' Amour Affairs and their Instagram here.

Thank you for reading this blog! I'd love to photograph your wedding! Please contact me below for more information!