Beautiful Wedding in Southern California

After swiping right on Tinder, Zach and Dillon were hooked! Their first three dates were three dates in a row!!! There was a definite chemistry with these two.

Dillon was a self-admitted Disney fan. Zach was not. With his ebullient personality, Dillon was able to persuade Zach to jump on the Disney bandwagon! In fact, they spent their first dating anniversary at Disneyland! (Maybe Dillon needs to reconsider his career choice and do public relations for Disney..)

On their two year anniversary, these two took a beautiful vacation in Europe to Ireland and Wales!

After several adventures, Dillon arranged a surprise proposal at the most beautiful gardens, nestled in the foothills at Rancho Botanical Gardens in Claremont. Dillon and I were able to surprise Zach with a beautiful proposal!

Dillon planned the perfect proposal. I, as the photographer, gave Dillon some advice from my experience photographing proposals. We had a few plans in place, just in case. You can never be too prepared for a proposal. You need to have two different areas where you might propose in case one area is crowded or some other reason that would not make it ideal for a proposal. We even had a practice run the week before the actual proposal, where Dillon's twin brother stepped in to help him practice! It was amazing!

Gay men holding hands
Same sex proposal pose holding each others faces

After visiting the gorgeous green landscape in Ireland, it was no wonder when they decided to get married at the lush Glen Ivy Golf Course in Corona, California. It was a lovely venue for a wedding!

The rains in southern California had been pouring down for weeks! On this wedding day, the sun decided to make an appearance and made for the perfect day! Those rains made the landscape so tropical and green!

These two grooms wore handsome dark tuxedos and bow ties, adorned with classic white carnation boutonnieres, provided by Mrs. Brown's Florals and Events.

Two grooms smiling at their wedding outdoors
Husband marriage fixing bow tie and tux
Red head male wedding tuxedo fixing buttons on jacket
Same Sex Wedding Glen Ivy Weddings 2 Grooms smile waterfall

Glen Ivy Weddings is a gorgeous wedding venue.

Expansive views of the golf course and green lawns can be seen from every angle. There are cascading waterfalls that provide a beautiful backdrop for couples photos. Views of the foothills are spectacular!

Due to the expansive property size, a golf cart was able to whisk us around after the ceremony to take wedding day photos! We were able to get several ideal photographs because we were able to save time changing locations.

Glen Ivy Weddings Venue tunnel with 2 gay men waterfall

Family and Friends Celebrated These Two Grooms

Each groom had a wedding party comprised of long-time friends and family! The stunning hair and makeup was provided by Bridal Vault. So much love was surrounding Dillon and Zach as everyone danced and celebrated to the tunes from Famous DJ Agency. The delicious cake was provided by Mare's Custom Cakes.

Wedding party dark suits and dress smiling
Sun flare on gay guys getting married eyes closed
Groom wedding party white bouquets roses green formal dresses

Love is Love!

I was so honored to capture this beautiful day! I feel so lucky that I was able to be there for their engagement as well as their stunning wedding! There is nothing that makes my heart fuller than seeing two people join together! It is so heart-warming to witness a couple's love grow right before your eyes!

Thank you, Mr. and Mr. Dean Montgomery for including me in your special day! Thank you for trusting me with such an important event in your lives! I will always be humbled to capture any of your upcoming life events! I am here for you!

May you two have a lifetime of happiness!