University of California, Riverside College Graduation

Graduating From College is Quite an Accomplishment!

Today we celebrate Logan.

I met this young man when he was in the high school marching band, along with my son, a few years ago. Band taught him many things. Discipline, direction and time management were among the many skills that he developed while navigating through his four years in high school.

After high school, he decided go the junior college route. (I can relate to this as I too, am a product of junior college and transferring to a four year university!) It was there that he discovered his love for Anthropology! He prodded through junior college and then transferred to a four year university.

University of California, Riverside

Fast forward to today. Logan completed his coursework and graduated with a degree in Anthropology. He had big plans to live and be immersed in the Peruvian culture this year. Those plans have changed, due to Covid 19.

He plans to pursue a doctorate in Anthropology and teach at the college level. He credits his career choice to his Anthropology teachers and their passion for the subject!

Graduation cap toss at UCR

His Senior Session

What a Blast it Was Going to UC Riverside for a Photo Session!

It was surreal as I parked in the COMPLETELY empty college parking lot! (I mean, when have you EVER been in a college lot when it is empty? (I guess that is one of the few good things about Covid 19!)

Logan and I made our way onto the beautiful college campus and had so much fun visiting all of the areas that had special meaning to him during his college experience. There were LOTS of fellow seniors taking their pictures as well. (WHERE did they park?) The session was a blast as we ran through the cap and gown poses.

Fun Graduate Pose

I Always Like to End the Session with Some Editorial Poses

Black and White man thinking
Guy in truck wearing graduation cap
Close up Black and White man thinking

Black and White are always so much fun!

I love to end every session with some fun, artsy pics, often I put them in black and white!

Thank you, Logan for an awesome session!

It was so much fun seeing you again! You are so dedicated, personable and patient. You will be a remarkable college professor!