This college senior came prepared for our photo session!

Armed with confetti poppers, stoles, fun high heels and an amazing attitude, Katarina was ready for her senior pictures! We had discussed style and outfit choices for her session. With University of La Verne being full of ivy and fall colors, Katarina opted for a lighter color flouncy dress to pop against the vibrant lush scenery. As luck would have it, her sister, Natalie, came along and was the perfect assistant and reflector helper for me! Katarina's mom also came and was very helpful and willing to drive all of the way back home to grab Katarina's forgotten graduation cap and help pick up the millions of pieces of confetti! (Thank you!!)

The light that evening was so gorgeous! (I mean, come on!!!) The University of La Verne was kind enough to plant all of these gorgeous yellow and orange marigolds and groupings of pink and red dianthus right before our session! Thank you, ULV!


As a photographer, I love it when seniors bring confetti, champagne (or even sparkling water-it's cheaper, it isn't sticky and you won't get in trouble having it on campus!!) Katarina brought some fun poppers! There is always an element of surprise with a popper. The wind can gust at any moment, providing epic and sometimes not-so-epic moments! I purchased a portable vacuum for this very event and, unfortunately forgot it for this session! (Did I mention that Katarina's mom and sister were nice enough to pick up all of that confetti?????) If you do use confetti, please pick it up! I like to bring a blanket to catch most of the confetti and then you can roll up the blanket and throw the confetti away or reuse it! The wind on this day had other plans for us!!

I am here for all of the fun during a senior session!

If someone wants to bring a dog, a skateboard, a cool car, or hop into the ocean or a fountain (and we are allowed to do so) I am on board! I want to make your session fun and memorable! Think outside the box and take me with you! Katarina decided to take me into the fountain. YES!!!

I have known Katarina for 8 years now. She was in the music program with my son in high school. Katarina is one of the sweetest and most hard working people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! It's really no wonder to me that she is applying to medical schools. Rheumatology is her interest. I have no doubt that Katarina will crush it in medical school, as well as life in general. Good things happen to good people.

Thank you Katarina for an epic session!