Four Generations Came Together for a Family Session in Claremont, California.

It was such a thoughtful Christmas gift. I was so excited when the oldest grandchild contacted me to plan a four generational family photo session! What a great idea! It took some planning and forethought, but we were able to pull it off!

Tips for Planning a Large Family Photo Session

  • Select a date- Pick a date that is convenient for everyone. One way of approaching this is to give everyone two dates to choose from. You know the old saying, "too many cooks in the kitchen?" If you give everyone too many choices, you may never agree upon a date! Make sure that your photographer is available.

  • Choose a time-Discuss with your photographer the best times for a session. Then, speak with the family member that has children who may nap. Coordinate nap times and everyone's schedule.

  • Location- Discuss different locations with your photographer. Think about logistics. Where does everyone live? Will the area be accessible for elderly family members?

  • Style- With a large group, I tell them to choose 2 or 3 color groups. Everyone does NOT need to match or wear the same color! Select different shades of the same color to wear. Make sure everyone wears the same tone. So, don't have one person in dark pants and everyone else in light pants. For this particular session, the grandparents wore a pop of color as well as the baby. This works well when you want to call attention to certain family members. Solid colors read well on camera. It can be interesting to have a small pattern or floral on one or two family members for a pop. Accessories are also important! Don't forget about jewelry, hats, hair accessories, etc...

This was such a wonderful idea for a Christmas present!

Honestly, how cool was it to have everyone take the time to have a family session? In these hectic times, I know it is so difficult to get your family all spruced up and together at the same time. What a wonderful memory this session was for this family! It was a pleasure photographing them!

If you would like to schedule a photo session as a gift for someone, please contact me!