Corey, M.K. and Greyson

I was warned. They had lots of dogs and a baby.

Visions of dog hair and slobber danced in my head as I packed my camera gear.

I have two dogs and I am no stranger to the dog hair and their antics when I try to take their picture!

Armed with squeaky toys and dog treats, I headed off to the session.

Their backyard was stunning!

While we discussed the location for the session, I asked about M.K.'s backyard. I had heard that it was pretty and wanted to take a look. I had M.K. snap a picture of it before our session. Once I saw the adorable umbrellas, couches, candles, pillows and beautiful garden and pool, I knew we had to have the session at their home! Besides, with a baby, dogs and Covid 19, why not have the session where you have been spending most of your time?

When I arrived, I was blown away by the curtains, candles, ottomans, benches, pillows, day beds, lights and even the cute macrame umbrella covers! (Can you even??) It turns out, the "carpenter" of the family, and M.K.' s sister, Courtney, was able to make a lot of the furniture! The best part, when they came outside, the family was dressed in white and blue, just like the backyard! It was perfect!!

Couple in white by the pool outside
Young couple in white linen hugging outside

We had lots of fun capturing some candid family moments.

Lots of baby airplane, Superman and snuggles went down during our session. Playing during the session always gets the best responses! Smiles were abundant with this adorable family!

A Rubber Ducky Session Was Just Perfect in This Beautiful Backyard!

The southern California temperature was perfect! We threw a towel in the bottom of the bucket and filled it with warm water.

The flock of ducks flew in and we were ready for action! Cute Greyson loves being in the water, so this was a no-brainer!

Family in white outdoor photo backyard
Vizsla Golden Retriever family photo outdoors

Thank you so much Corey and M.K. for allowing me to capture your sweet family photos!