I have known these four sisters since they were fighting over reading the cereal box at the kitchen table.

I'm serious.

These four beautiful girls used to fight over who got to read the box.

Their mother had a brilliant idea to stop the arguing.

She took the cereal and it's liner out of the box and took the box away from the girls.

Yes, it stopped the fighting.

Don't worry, they were able to read plenty of other things after breakfast!

With their mom being a teacher, there were plenty of opportunities to read at their

house growing up, without any fighting.

Photo session in the hills of Claremont, CA

These ladies planned out their outfits to go with the stunning mountains and grasses of southern California.

We discussed that medium muted tones would work well in this golden landscape with Mt. Baldy in the

background. I love that Jayda decided to wear the color camel. Camel and mustard, used sparingly, are always a good addition at a fall photo session. These colors bring a little fall into your session and pick

up some of the colors of the grasses.

Young brunette lady in jeans on a mountain
Senior portrait wearing mustard on a mountain
Young teacher standing on a hill in southern CA
Blonde teen in cream sweater with boots outdoors

Are You Scared That Your Family Will Fight During a Session?

Families are not perfect.

I know that mine certainly isn't.

So, during your family session, there may be some tears or tension. Little ones are sometimes wanting to nap.

Don't even worry about that. I can read the situation and let certain family members take a break, have a snack, or just chill while

I grab some individual shots of each family member.

This particular set of sisters were very happy go lucky during the shoot. They were far too perfect.

I had to change that.

At the end of our shoot, when they had changed into their matching adorable pajamas, I think I caught them off guard when I

screamed, "Pillow FIGHT"

Below is the outcome...genuine smiles and sometimes looks of fear, as only siblings know.

Thank you to the Pigoni sisters for being such good sports!

It looks like all of those years of soccer and basketball have shaped you ladies into fine young women and team players!