Sadie has always dreamed of attending the Air Force Academy

So when I asked Sadie where she wanted to have her sweet 16 photo session, we decided to have it at the Air Museum in southern California! Since I have never done a shoot at a museum before, I jumped at the chance!

Girl wearing a bomber jacket and Dr. Marten shoes in front of a propeller

Sadie showed up in a bomber jacket and Dr. Martens!

Wait! She also had aviator glasses. She definitely dressed for the occasion. Now could she back it up with attitude? Take a look for yourself.

Often, people arrive at the session not having any idea of what to do. That is completely normal and it is so much fun to guide people through a session to put them at ease. Sadie came prepared and game for anything. This really isn't surprising, since she has played water polo for many years and brought the "Let's Do This!" mindset to the session. Sadie easily managed to evoke confidence all throughout the shoot. We shot all throughout the museum, both inside and outside.

I thought that it was such a cool idea to have a photo session dedicated to turning 16! And, I would say that this session should be called, "Sadie's Badass 16", wouldn't you?

Thank you!

Thank you, Sadie, for allowing me to capture your birthday photo shoot! My only regret is that you didn't bring your pet chicken! Oh well, maybe for your senior pictures when you are celebrating your acceptance into the Air Force Academy?!!!