An epic graduation photo session, celebrating her masters degree, from University of La Verne, was just what Sandra needed.

2020 was a memorable year of masks, hand sanitizer, wipes, social distancing, vaccines, and quarantining!

Although it was a difficult year, there was a silver lining, Sandra completed her masters degree! It had been quite the commitment for her and her family. She had waited sixteen years to go back to college.

She took the plunge and did it!

With the quarantine halting all in-person gatherings in most of 2020, Sandra and her college classmates were denied their in-person graduation last year. She patiently waited a year to celebrate!

Fast forward to this year, 2021. Quarantine restrictions were lifted and Sandra was able to attend her in-person graduation! To document this, Sandra and I made plans to have the best grad session ever!

Sandra and I met during our son's high school marching band days. Sandra was the Percussion Mom making sure that all of the drum kids had everything they needed. Sandra is such a fun-loving person who is always helping others. She affectionately refers to me as her 'Selfie Buddy" as we love a good selfie! I was so excited to do this session to celebrate her and her awesome accomplishment! I knew this session was going to be epic!

Backlighting is what makes graduate sessions so dreamy!

Because we could choose when to have our session, we decided to have the session with a gorgeous glow during the Golden Hour! The light before sunset gave us such an ethereal look!

We walked along the University of La Verne college campus looking for epic light.

Many people don't realize that you need to choose the light and location while you are at your session at the exact time of your session. Often, people request to shoot in certain locations around the campus. Yes, we can definitely do that, but sometimes you have to wait until the light is softer! Sandra trusted me to get the best lighting for her session! I love that Sandra was up for any pose and location throughout the campus.

Sandra represented her Mexican heritage by wearing a multi-colored custom made sash. The sash really popped against her little black dress!

I absolutely love it when clients bring extra items to celebrate their heritage, hobbies and their personality! Clients often bring instruments, fun drinks and snacks, and even their pets! Sandra's colorful sash (you can order the sash here) was such a nice touch and a great way to represent! If your school allows, I highly recommend a custom sash!!

Thank you, Sandra, for including me in your epic accomplishment!

You rock!

Sincerely your selfie buddy forever,