Jared and Courtney's Potato Proposal

All "Eyes" Were on Them!

All of the potatoes were waiting at the top of Potato Mountain that morning.

This unique hike, in southern California, begs hikers to scale up a mountain for a few miles with potatoes in hand. At the top, hikers place their potato offerings, usually decorated or signed, on the concrete pad overlooking the San Gabriel Valley. This particular morning, there were more potatoes than I had ever seen! It was if they knew that something big was about to happen! They were the perfect audience.

This crisp morning, in February, my assistant, Stacey and I, trudging 3 backpacks of camera equipment, hiked up early to prepare for the surprise proposal later that morning. A blanket of clouds hung low in the sky below us, setting the stage for something awesome!

At about 8:30 am, Jared and Courtney turned the corner below us and we could see them coming. We casually strolled around, nonchalantly, wandering about, pretending to take pictures of the beautiful view that day. Jared and Courtney passed us and hopped up onto the concrete pad, overlooking the view. Jared had the engagement ring, along with a few donuts from the best donut shop ever, Upland Donuts.

It was then that I began clicking away as Jared got down on one knee, with his potato, and proposed! The moment was so beautiful!

The Potato Proposal

With this being Courtney's first visit to California, she had NO idea that people brought potatoes on this hike. Jared, a native Californian and avid hiker, thought it would be unique to propose with a potato! He handed her the potato and she immediately replied, "Yes!"

Jared is well-known for his frugality.

Immediately after the proposal, Courtney noticed me taking photos. She figured that Jared, who is very thrifty, would not hire a photographer to take pictures and she whispered to him, "Don't let those ladies leave before taking our picture!" Little did she know that Jared had, indeed, hired us to document the entire proposal!

After the proposal, we couldn't leave without a few photos!

Courtney is a huge Bachelor fan!

We knew that Courtney was a huge Bachelor fan. So, we surprised her and Jared with rose petals and a champagne toast to celebrate their engagement!


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