I was bored.

I mean I was really bored during the Covid 19 quarantine.

My husband and son no longer will hold still long enough for me to take pictures. My German Shepherd and Border/Collie Lab run and hide under the house when they see my camera!

Lately, bees, nectarine blossoms, succulents and birds have been my subjects.

Wanting to photograph something different on this Easter Sunday, I decided to look around my house and see what I could find.

I scoured my gift cupboard (Yes, I occasionally buy gifts and store them here throughout the year. I sometimes even re-gift if I know someone will enjoy it!) Hiding behind the wine openers and a light saber, I found a huge score!

I found a Barbie Kelly and Tommy Hansel and Gretel Collectible doll set, new in the box. I contemplated whether or not I wanted to open the box for a photo session. I decided to open the box and give the dolls to my nieces when I was finished with the shoot.

Since it was Easter, and the Hansel and Gretel doll set came with a basket with two loaves of bread, I thought it would be cool to use their basket and take the bread out of it.

After unsuccessfully trying to remove the bread loaves, I decided that Hansel and Gretel might have an affinity for carbs and candy and so the bread stayed! There was a little room left for eggs in the basket. What shall I use for eggs? I didn't have jelly beans at the start of the session. (During the session, we received an Instacart delivery with jelly beans!!) Scouring my craft cupboard, I found some oval glass beads leftover from my bracelet making days! Score!

I gathered up my supplies: Jelly beans, glass beads, lace, macro extension tubes for my camera, lenses, flat lay boards, reflectors, lace and some flowers from the yard!

Hansel, Gretel and I set out in the backyard on Easter morning. It was overcast and a bit chilly. We started the hunt in the grass. (The grass made the dolls look like they were starring in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!) Since the dolls had immobile joints, I had to think creatively to have them pose and stand on their own. Most of the standing shots featured Hansel and Gretel either standing in some thick grass or leaning against an object.

The Skies Opened Up and It Started to Rain!

The rain sent us running inside to find a nice bright window to provide some natural light.

The entire session was in natural light with an occasional reflector. I faced Hansel and Gretel towards the window inside the house to get some nice light on them.

The jelly beans arrived as I came into the house. Scattering them all over my flatlay board, I posed the dolls on the jelly beans and then threw some onto the dolls as I had my camera on high speed continuous shooting to catch them in mid air.

There were some really good things about using dolls as subjects. The dolls never asked for breaks, threw tantrums or said they were hungry! Hansel and Gretel, did, however, get into a little scuffle and were fighting over the Easter candy!) I kept telling myself to get another angle and was crawling around like a secret agent. Since the dolls were smaller than a normal doll, it was kind of fun playing with the scale.

I highly recommend grabbing something in your house and having a photo session with it! I would love to see your results!

Stay safe during the quarantine!