Here Are Some Professional Maternity Photo Session Tips

Being pregnant has so many ups and downs! It can be the most beautiful experience. Feeling the baby kick for the first time, hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time and folding all of those cute new baby clothes in anticipation of your new arrival! Read below for some valuable tips for your maternity session.

Should You Hire a Professional Photographer for a Maternity Shoot?

Hiring a professional is definitely an investment! Why not just take out your cell phone and have a session? Well, you can definitely take your pictures on a cell phone. But, when you hire a professional, and you check into his/her background, you get so much more than just a picture. I can't speak for all photographers. But, I can tell you what you will get when you hire me. You will get:

  • A trained professional
  • Someone who has been educated on how to pose you so you look your best
  • I have studied for years how to professionally edit and I am constantly evolving
  • A photographer who has professional equipment and lighting
  • Someone who is professionally trained in posing, lighting and editing.
  • I have been pregnant two times, so I can relate to you!
  • Someone who LIVES to shoot!

When is the Best Time to Get Maternity Photos Taken?

Any time is a great time to have them taken! There are many different opinions on this, but, I like to take them 29-32 weeks! The bump is prominent, but the mama isn't too uncomfortable.

Helpful Tips for Making Your Maternity Session Less Stressful

  • I will suggest that you bring water and a snack for when you need to take a little break. During this shoot, because it was in the desert in southern California, the temperature was in the triple digits (even at 7:30 pm). I made sure that the mama-to-be had plenty of water.
  • We also took several breaks during the shoot. Being pregnant is hard work! The entire experience is more enjoyable when you can take short breaks during the session.
  • Think about your wardrobe. Now is a great time to get a form fitting dress to show off your bump! The longer the dress, the more flowing it appears on camera! What girl doesn't like to twirl for the camera? This dress was from Pinkblush. Here is the link to the dress in the pictures.
Native American beaded red and white handmade baby moccasins

Think About All of the Small Details Associated with Your Maternity Session

  • Bring some special items from your babies layette! There is something so adorable about a cute pair of baby shoes, a hand knit sweater, an ultrasound picture. hair bows, toys, hat or a beautiful cozy blanket! The shoes above were hand made by the baby-to-be's Native American grandpa!
  • You could also bring a small piece of furniture, like a furry foot stool or small chair!
  • Bring flowers or a floral crown or any other prop that sets you apart from other mamas-to-be! This mama had lived in Hawaii, and the flower crown was her nod to her island past.
  • Choose a location that is beautiful to you. I can definitely help you find some beautiful locations in Southern California.

Let's Make Your Dream Maternity Photo Session Happen!

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