Dark clouds hovered over Laguna Beach the day before the big event.

The weather in southern California had been crazy for days leading up to the proposal. As luck would have it, the sun decided to make the perfect appearance on this day as Stephen and Jennifer had travelled all of the way from Missouri to visit family in California. They were "supposedly" going to attend an engagement party for one of Stephen's relatives. Little did Jennifer know that Stephen had another plan for the long weekend in Orange County! Stephen told Jennifer that they would be getting dressed for the party and stopping at the beach beforehand.

Stephen contacted me a few months prior to arrange to have their proposal caught on camera. Stephen researched and teamed up with his local relatives and chose Heisler Park as his proposal destination. It was as if he special ordered sunny skies, flowers and the perfect day for his proposal!

Palm trees blue pacific ocean stone walkway

Once they arrived at the park, Stephen didn't realize that Laguna Beach mostly had parking meters. After a few minutes of not having any quarters, Stephen discovered that he could use the parking app and pay for parking. (Phew..crisis averted!)

They strolled down one of the beautiful palm tree-lined walkways and stopped at a viewpoint overlooking the beach.

After of few minutes, Stephen got down on one knee and proposed.

I love being included in these private moments as a photographer. I can't hear what they are saying, but I can just feel the emotion and it is always so fun! The adrenalin is always high as I snap away with my camera, trying to catch every moment.

Jennifer said, "Yes!"

Stephen had thought of every detail! (He even arranged to have a bouquet of beautiful pink roses for her!)

fiances surprise proposal ocean pink roses couple

After a proposal, it's always fun to take a few pictures!

We walked around Heisler Park and took advantage of the beautiful blooming flowers and, of course, the Pacific Ocean! Stephen and Jennifer were such good sports! They even got into the water for a few shots right at the very end!

Walking back to our cars, Stephen told me that he had been waiting and hoping for someone like Jennifer to come into his life! They each bring children into this marriage. They now have enough children to form their own basketball team! They knew they were a match when they were able to successfully take all of the children on a road trip and everyone survived!

When they left the beach, they went on to the engagement party. Little did Jennifer know that the engagement party was for her and Stephen! As a surprise, Stephen had his mom, Jennifer's mom and other family members fly in for the party!

couple walking palm trees bird of paradise
engaged couple dip kissing in ocean sunset
couple strolling in front of ocean
couple posing foreheads together engaged diamond ring

Congratulations, Stephen and Jennifer! May you and your sweet new family have a lifetime of happiness!